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The Dogs Have It

Let’s talk about health.

We talk about safety here a lot. A whole lot. A big part of the conversation we skip over though is the health side of things. Considering this is OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, this seems like the perfect time to start!

There are the usual health recommendations: reduce tobacco use, maintain a healthy weight, exercise. Not supporting employee health only costs the employer in the end.

One health risk that people skip over the most? Stress.

Negative stress has numerous adverse effects on health. Increased blood pressure, risk of diabetes, sleep quality, headaches, the immune system weakens…basically the body stops functioning.

On a happier note, there’s one guaranteed way to lower stress levels: dogs!

Yes. Dogs.


  • Just being around them decreases blood pressure, like fulfilling the need for contact.
  • They decrease reactions to stressful situations.  They don’t judge.
  • Pet owners get more exercise – how else will they go pee?
  • Owners aren’t as lonely – plus people with dogs are perceived as more approachable!
  • They make us laugh – dogs are inherently silly.

In fact, dogs are so good at relieving stress that there are a variety of programs to help people in high-stress environments by interacting with dogs. There’s Pets for Patriots, the Prison Pet Partnership, Seniors for Seniors, Bow Wows & Books for children learning to read, the Visiting Pet Friends program for people with disabilities. We can keep going!

How does this relate to you, your company or your employees?

Attend or host a pet/family event. Support them in adopting pets of their own. Having an Employee Appreciation Day soon? You can even contact Bravepup, a local Seattle non-profit that will deliver rescued puppies to your work for a few hours of fun and relaxation.

Interested in training regarding safety or health? Contact us at

Or if you’d like to bring a puppy to our offices. Either way, we’re here for you.

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