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Beard Ban

Things are getting a little hairy.

In other health + safety news, it turns out the beloved beard is now a no-go for one construction company.

They’re citing that beards and masks can’t be friends.

Mears, a UK construction company, has decided that besides three exceptions, having a beard is no longer allowed on job sites.

The exceptions?

  • Can’t be shaved for medical reasons – you’ll need a doctor’s note.
  • No dust mask for medical reasons – you can beard-grudgingly keep it.
  • Religious purposes – you’ll need a religious leader’s note.

Given the fever for facial hair in recent years, it’s not surprising that there’s been some outrage. Unite the Union, the UK’s largest construction union, is particularly upset. They released a statement which accuses Mears of “penny pinching stupidity”. Ouch.

Safety should come before passion for fashion, there’s no doubt about that. However, after some research, it turns out there are options out there that would allow for the bearded to maintain their status.

To grow, or not to grow? Where do you strand?

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