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SPQ: The Future Of Safety

The Integrated Group has developed a unique industry leading Safety and Risk Management program called SPQ™ that emphasizes Safety, Production and Quality as all equally important to a successful company. The SPQ program fosters and encourages employee involvement and empowerment. Workers participate in SPQ “speak” meetings where valuable information is exchanged. Our customizable program lets you decide how to implement SPQ and remain committed to the principles of Safety, Production and Quality (SPQ) as a shared responsibility of all workers.

SPQ emphasizes the three critical elements to a thriving workplace. It has been proven that these combined elements must work together simultaneously for a company to become a leader in their industry. SPQ is a program for your employees and was developed to educate, seek their input, and encourage their participation. It starts from the workers and moves up to management. As a company that wants to grow and thrive, you will benefit from an empowered and knowledgeable team. SPQ makes a difference.

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The program is set up so all company employees actively participate in daily and weekly SPQ meetings. When employees know they have the power to raise the bar by making simple and important changes, they become more accountable and results driven.

Daily SPQ meetings can be held with individual crews and are smaller in size. Daily meetings are task-specific discussions focused on Safety, Production and Quality. Workers offer input and questions during the meeting, and issues are documented and reviewed before work begins.

Weekly SPQ meetings are a place where all workers can discuss and share results from the previous week. These sessions provide an opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and failures, share news ideas and become more involved in offering solutions.

The weekly SPQ meeting allows enough time for workers to receive sufficient information, and plan / prepare for their upcoming weekly tasks. Additionally, all high-risk work is identified so that SPQ Work Plans can be developed and shared with all involved workers. Weekly SPQ meetings are documented and reviewed by company management.

Your team can take pride and ownership in SPQ by integrating it into all areas of your business. This can be accomplished by starting every new project with an SPQ “kickoff” meeting to gain the participation of all workers and selected workers assigned as SPQ liaisons.

When your Safety and Risk Management program becomes an integral part of your company culture, SPQ will have a dramatic positive effect. Your commitment to Safety, Production and Quality will be demonstrated through the participation of everyone. As a result, your entire organization will take pride in knowing that you’ve become leaders in the industry and have set the benchmark for Safety, Production, and Quality.