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Smarter Workers are Safer Workers

Safety is more than you think it is. In the bigger picture, Safety is about motivation, empowerment, and knowing how the simple things contribute so much to the entire workplace.

The Integrated Group takes Safety to a higher level. We encourage workers to think before acting, and we help identify and meet their workplace goals. We specialize in implementing programs that fit with each individual company and do not believe in a one size fits all approach .

Safety should be something all workers want to participate in and understand the value of on a daily basis.

We want to make Safety a first-class word again. Our results driven approach to Safety increases worker empowerment, knowledge, and accountability.

We bring out the best in each worker and foster a new relationship within them to the inherent value of workplace Safety and production.

We Take Safety to the Next Level

Thinking about Safety is the first step to making a safer workplace. Receiving Safety Training from experts who can integrate into your company is the next step. Our Safety and Risk Management training instills simple, pertinent facts so making the right choices will come naturally to your workers.

By simplifying rules and procedures, so that workers have a true understanding as to ‘why’, you empower workers and can change a great many things in your company, such as:

  • Improving morale
  • Creating an accountable company culture
  • Retaining knowledgeable workers
  • Lower workers comp and general liability rates
  • Increasing the likelihood of landing large contracts
  • Greater production
  • Less re-work
Training workers to always make the right choice is based on using human behavior and setting worker expectations. When people have a clear idea of what the outcome is supposed to be, getting there in the safest possible way is easier to imagine. It’s also human nature to ask about the intent behind rules or policies. Workers accept a safer system when it makes sense. Safety is passed along through education, mentoring, and meaning.

Our customized results driven program awards workers the passion to do great work and accept accountability.