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Growth Spurt

Seattle is growing faster than during post-Gold-Rush years.

The largest indicator of Seattle’s booming construction industry? Our record-breaking amount of construction cranes dotting our skyline. We have nearly three times as many cranes as New York City, despite being a fraction of its size.

Two-thirds of the buildings currently under construction in the city are residential. Seattle is expecting nearly twice as many apartments to open this year than any year in the city’s history.

A large portion of this construction boom is thanks to the technology industry, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. In fact, the Seattle Times reports that of the 2.5 million ft of new workspace added to downtown Seattle last year, 69% was from Amazon.

Along with the all the infrastructure construction in the region, there is a behemoth project for a new skyscraper. F5 Tower, previously known as The Mark, will be the fifth tallest building in Seattle. It will be 660ft tall upon completion, consisting of 44 floors and including an 189-room luxury hotel.

A record amount of construction projects, a population growing faster than we can house and an exploding technology industry.

The upside to all this hustle and bustle? Job security.

Interested in seeing what’s being built around Seattle? Check out Seattle in Progress, an interactive map that shows you any proposed or under construction building in the area!

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