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Summer Fun

One of the most overlooked aspects to a healthy work life is rest, both physical and mental. With summer in full swing, and the temperatures rising, take this opportunity to take a quick mental break and have some fun. Whether it is a night out, an overnight trip, or a day of hiking, go out and take your mind off of work. De-stress and return to work re-energized.

Working long hours without a substantial mental break can lead to exhaustion, stress, and fatigue. Too much stress can lead to health problems which consequently decrease the quality of work and increase the chance of an injury or incident. Managers and supervisors should encourage their employees to use their allocated vacation time, but make sure it does not impede on the work getting done according to schedule.

The Pacific Northwest is lucky to have an abundance of outdoor activities and exceptional weather, so take advantage of the summer before the rainy gray returns. Always remember, be safe no matter what you choose to do. The goal is to relax and return to work, not injure yourself in the process. Now go out and have fun!

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