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A Wall Collapses

OSHA – Two workers were seriously injured last week when a 20 foot brick wall came crashing down on them during the demolition of a 90 year old theater. First responders found the two workers trapped under a steel beam and several feet of bricks. The proper use of hard hats and personal protective equipment may very well have saved the injured workers’ lives, preventing further trauma to the skull and spine. OSHA’s investigation into the root cause of the collapse is not yet conclusive.

OSHA had previously cited the contractor a month earlier for workplace-safety violations found at the demolition sight. However, the citations were issued for a violation of safety standards by operating machinery within 10 feet of power lines and by operating an excavator with a broken back-up alarm. These were the first citation issued to the contractor, and had no bearing on the cause of the incident. Both citations had been resolved and corrected before the incident, and OSHA had cleared the contractor to continue work on the site.

Despite an OSHA investigation a month prior to the incident, and all safety precautions apparently in place, a wall still collapsed onto two workers. An incident can occur at any time, at any place, regardless of the preventative measures. It is important to always be prepared for the worst and to keep focused on the conditions of the job site. Proper PPE use can and will save your life.

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