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Incredible Timelapse of a Highway Underpass

Netherlands – Every once and a while a company does something truly outstanding. At the start of the summer, the Dutch construction company Heijmans managed to complete a 70 meter tunnel under the national highway A12 over the three day weekend. While the employees were required to work around the clock, they were able to complete the project on time while causing minimal disruption to traffic and commuters. The project included demolition of the road, sliding in the tunnel, and repaving the highway above. You can watch the 3 minute timelapse of the project by clicking here.

While skeptics are quick to point out the challenges and risks involved with a 48 hour, non-stop project, Heijmans’ use of the current pre-fabricated construction technique resulted in a safe and efficient project. Road construction, especially on highways or freeways can be extremely dangerous if not properly managed. This modular and pre-fabricated construction of the tunnel allowed for a more controlled time frame and work environment, allowing for the project to move smoothly forward. Of course, specialized training is essential when applying a new technique and attempting to run a project over 48 hours without pause. Crews have to be trained in not only the safety aspects, but the specifics on shift duties to ensure nothing is misplaced, forgotten, or done incorrectly.

Innovations like this are pushing construction to new heights, increasing the possibilities of efficiency and safety.

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