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Fatal Crash on Highway 522


Bothell, WA – A 65-year old man was tragically killed in a fatal crash on July 8th, 2016. It was dark and raining when he struck a cement barrier and went off a ramp when driving north on I-405 to westbound Highway 522. The truck fell 50-60 feet and landed upside down onto I-405 below, damaging five vehicles and closing parts of I-405 and 522 for about 8 hours. The cab of the truck detached from the trailer and fell an additional 75 feet to the ground. The truck driver died at the scene, according to the Washington State Patrol. No other injuries were reported.

“This is an elevated off-ramp that goes over the top of 405. The truck went over the edge and landed on northbound 405” – Tom Pearce,
Washington State Department of Transportation

While it remains unclear as to the circumstances that lead to this tragedy, it is important to review your company’s DOT and Driver Policies with your drivers, especially in regards to highway and nighttime driving. Drivers need to be aware of the risks and how to ensure their own safety when on duty.

The investigation is ongoing.


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