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Return-to-Work: Light Duty and Accommodations Enable Workers’ Recovery

Return-to-Work: Light Duty and Accommodations Enable Workers’ Recovery

 A well-managed program that returns injured workers to their jobs—even in a temporarily reduced capacity—is a win-win for employers and workers. For employers, it reduces the cost of workers’ compensation claims and disability benefits, increases workplace productivity and morale, and decreases turnover. For employees, it can be even more important: A light-duty assignment or appropriate accommodation can be the thing that enables their full recovery. Employers may also be eligible for Stay at Work reimbursements through Washington State Labor and Industries.

Making the Job Fit the Injured Worker

A worker who has medical needs and restrictions may have requirements that a healthy employee does not—but sometimes, a simple accommodation will make the job fit the worker in a way that enables the employee to return almost fully to his or her regular duties.

Ways that The Integrated Group can help:

  • Find creative ways to keep your workers on the job
  • Stay in regular contact with Attending Physicians to keep up to date on employee recovery progress
  • Prepare Job Analysis’ and Job Offers when workers are authorized to perform modified duty work
  • Work with you to compete and submit the Stay at Work Application for qualified employees (Please click the below link for additional information on the Stay At Work Program)

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