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URGENT: Excessive Heat Warning

Risk of heat illness, keep yourself and your workers safe.

The National Weather Service has issued an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING for Western Washington from 2:00 PM Tuesday to 9:00 PM Friday. This unusually hot weather will begin on Tuesday with the hottest day of the week on Thursday when temperatures are expected to be in the high 90’s and may exceed 100ºF in some areas.

Heat illnesses are possible and even likely with temperatures this hot. It is imperative that we take every precaution to protect ourselves and our workers from the dangers of heat related illnesses.

  • Plan work activities accordingly
  • Provide plenty of cool water for workers to stay hydrated
  • Insist workers drink plenty of water throughout the day (even if they don’t feel thirsty)
  • Encourage workers to be vigilant of each other and report any unusual behavior
  • Encourage workers to immediately report to their Supervisors if they notice signs or feel symptoms of a heat related illness
  • Plan for a cooling station or cooling area accessible to all workers
  • Communicate the plan to all workers and ensure everyone has a clear understanding
  • Encourage workers to apply these safeguards at home also

For more information, please check out our Hydration Guide.

We also have a “Heat Stress Tips” PDF, available here.


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