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Tragedy in Los Angeles

Los Angeles –¬†

An electrician plunged 800 feet to his death in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 17th while working on the Wilshire Grand Center. The worker was on the 53rd floor when he fell onto one of the busiest intersections in downtown Los Angeles. Work on the building was shut down for the remainder of the day as investigations into the cause of the accident began. Curiously, the electrician had removed his hard hat and safety harness prior to the fall, nor was he supposed to have been above the third floor of the building. Safety harnesses and fall protection are not required for the three bottom floors on which he was supposed to be working.

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, very little information has been released. Chris Martin, the CEO of Martin Project Management who is overseeing the construction, has stated that barricades outline the edge of the building and other safety measures are in place to prevent such accidents. Turner Construction, the main contractor on the project, has enforced training for each of the 891 workers on the job. The company is certain that all safety protocols were followed and are up to code.

“There’s safety training for every worker on the job, and certain locations there’s very specialized training. So these are all smart people… We had no injuries up to this date” – Martin

Once finished, the Wilshire Grand Center will be about 1,100 feet tall, making it the tallest building on the West Coast.

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