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Eye Injuries: Tips to Reduce Damage


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The most important thing you can do to protect your vision at work is to always wear appropriate protective eye-wear

Accounting for 20,300 incidents in 2012, eye injuries are surprisingly common. Eye injuries can cause serious and possibly permanent damage, ranging from visual disturbances to complete loss of sight. Wearing appropriate eye protection is essential in reducing the risk of harm. According to the American Academy of Ophthamology, eye protection can prevent more than 90% of all eye injuries.

Below is a list of recommended steps from the American Academy of Ophthamology on how to treat eye injuries:

For cuts or punctures:

  • Place a cover over the injured eye
  • Avoid rinsing with water
  • Do not rub or apply pressure
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin
  • Seek medical attention immediately

For foreign material stuck in eye:

  • Avoid rubbing the eye
  • Lift upper eyelid of injured eye and blink repeatedly to allow tears to flush out particle
  • Seek medical attention if particle does not exit the eye

For chemical burns:

  • Flush with clean water in designated area
  • Seek medical attention immediately

For blows to the eye:

  • Apply cold compress to reduce swelling (Avoid excess pressure)
  • Seek medical care if pain increases or visual disturbances occur

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