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Spidey Senses Save Baby

A construction worker in San Jose helped rescue a kidnapped 8-month-old baby.

Today in San Jose, a San Jose construction worker noticed a strange commotion taking place in front of his job site, as reported by the local KRON4 news, San Francisco. Following his instincts, Colin Blevin approached a group of arguing people by a parked Honda Accord. A homeless woman from the group signaled him and he noticed a baby boy in the back seat.

Knowing a baby shouldn’t be left in a hot car (hello, heat stress!), he began asking around. He saw a man who appeared to be on drugs trying to break into another car and took action.

Blevin took the baby and car seat out of the car and immediately called the police. The kidnapper took the car and ran.

Police were able to identify and arrest the suspect. Blevin, being lauded as a local hero, actually lays the honor upon the homeless woman who signaled him in the first place, “Mama Ramirez”.

Baby Emiliano has been reunited with his parents.

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