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Don’t Eat and Drive

Reminder: Washington’s new distracted driving law starts this Sunday.

On top of not being able to hold your phone anymore, more information has come out regarding the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act (DUI-E), going in to effect this Sunday, July 23rd.

For example, there’s a sub category that means miscellaneous distractions, like shaving while driving or eating, means a ticket may be issued if police pull you over for another offense. Dangerous lane change and they see you finishing your Jimmy Johns? That tacks on an extra $99.

Most of Washington is allowing for a 6 month grace period, where you’ll be let off with a warning. Check your local government website though – some areas are putting it in to effect immediately, like Redmond, WA.

Don’t forget, Governor Inslee also signed a measure that would make a fourth DUI a felony in Washington state.

Drive safe people!

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