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Safety Diligence and Fall Protection

The Washington construction industry suffered another construction related fatality last week, when a worker on the Hwy. 520 bridge project fell 60ft. to his death. Although the facts surrounding this tragic accident aren’t yet clear and L&I is continuing with their investigation, accidents such as this should never go in vain.

This accident must serve as a reminder to all workers that construction work, regardless of your trade, is incredibly hazardous.

Absolute personal diligence, without compromise, must be practiced by everyone 100% of the time. Since this incident was Fall Protection related, please practice the upmost diligence in the following:

  1. Make sure you have received sufficient training and information for the task you are performing.
  2. Make sure you have the proper fall protection PPE, gear and components for the conditions and task you are performing.
  3. Make sure you are not embarking on a task if you have ANY unanswered questions or concerns regarding your safety or questions regarding the task you are performing.
  4. Make sure all your anchor points are sufficient in accordance with the Safety Standards. “Good enough” is not in the Standard.
  5. Make sure you inspect your entire Fall Protection system, including your harness, lanyard, anchor points and other components, each day before relying on them.
  6. Make sure you are NEVER making a compromise to your personal safety, the safety of others, or any compromise to the work you are performing.
  7. Make sure you NEVER forget “Three seconds can last a lifetime”.

And above all, only YOU can make the ultimate difference in your safety. Please speak up, get involved and work safe without compromise.

Sincerely and Genuinely,

Todd Goldberg

& The Staff at the Integrated Group



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