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NUCA Golf Tournament 2015




The Integrated Group team had a blast at NUCA’s annual golf tournament last week at Washington National Golf Course in Auburn. The weather was perfect for a day of golf: A little cloud cover, 70 degrees and a slight breeze. Overall, it was an excellent day for golf.



To support NUCA, The Integrated Group team sponsored the 9th Hole. We set up a booth were we handed out safety goodies, snacks and refreshments to the golfers. We even had a game for them to play as they waited for their turn to tee off.



Racing against the clock, teams of four attempted to put on their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as fast as possible, aiming for the lowest time of the day. With an incredible time of 25.87 seconds*, a team from MidMountain Contractors Inc. snatched up the title of Permanent Light Duty Crew and walked away with $200 dollars in El Gaucho gift cards. Congratulations MidMountain!


We are looking forward to participating next year, and hopefully we will see you all there!


*Although their time is impressive, it is important to remember that putting on your PPE is not a race on the job site. Take your time to do it right.

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