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Not Always So Tough

Christopher Swann / Island Swann Studios

Sometimes people forget construction workers are not always so tough, and deep down inside they have a heart of gold. To cheer up the patients next door at the children’s hospital, a group of iron workers in Long Island, New York, painted a get well soon message on the steel beams.

Through their windows, the children could look out and see the heartwarming messages on the steel framework rising alongside the hospital. The children responded by putting up notes of their own, thanking the workers for their kind words.

Christopher Swann / Island Swann Studios

Mark Swanson of The LiRo Group, the construction company managing the project said that “People… have preconceived notions that construction workers are just hard-nosed and a bunch of tough guys… But I think this goes to show they’re really just a bunch of softies”

It’s always nice to remind the communities around the job site that you are working to improve their lives. Sometimes it is by doing something special.

Rheana Murray from

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