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Meet George Jetson

Could your next job site be constructing a helipad?

An Airbus outpost is currently working on its first prototype of a single seat, electric, self-piloted shuttle craft called “Vahana”. Yes, if you’re sick of traffic (hey, Seattle!), you could be calling an Uber of the sky in a few years.

They’re shipping up the airframes to Oregon starting in October and hope to begin flight testing this November at the Oregon Regional Airport in Pendleton.

As opposed to this being a personally owned vehicle, the Project executive Zach Lovering foresees it as more of a ride-hailing service with pre-determined pickup/drop off locations. The aircraft takes off straight up, transitions to horizontal flight and lands vertically on a helipad.

Minus the terror of traveling in a one person airplane with no pilot, a lot of us can get behind a commute that’s a 1/8th of the time.

Read more at KUOW.

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