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Down With the Sickness

Written after not following the below advice.

I don’t know about your crew, but ours has been taking turns passing around various bugs. Luckily, it’s 2017 and most of our office staff can work remotely. Those of us with physical jobs, though, aren’t as fortunate.

Missing workers equals missing deadlines. We already worry about staying safe in inclement weather (more on that soon!). How are you ensuring your employees are in good health and not all home with a cup of soup?

Get a flu vaccine.

Check out the HealthMap Vaccine Finder to find locations near you. Not only will catching the flu take you out of work, it can lead to hospitalization (which isn’t cheap) and in some cases, death. Last year in Washington state alone, 76 people passed away. So, suck it up and get the needle in the arm. Or pick up the phone, find a clinic who will come to your company and host a flu shot party! Include donuts. For health. Or morale.

So Fresh & So Clean

Don’t be that jerk that coughs in your hand then shakes someone else’s. Just don’t.

Need to cough or sneeze? Do it in the crook of your arm or wear a bandana around your neck. Wash your hands frequently or use antibacterial gel if you can’t get to a sink. As much as you may enjoy stroking your beard, avoid touching your face. You’re [probably] not a supervillain and the nose, mouth, and eyes are prime places for germs to enter your system.

Where’s Your Head At

One of the biggest things that can take your system down is stress and not taking care of yourself. Take those vitamins, drink that water, leave the extra helping of pie on the plate. Even though your body is hidden under layers of clothing, exercise is even more important during winter to keep your immune system battle ready.

What did we learn today?

Myself? Nothing, because I’m writing this sick from home.

Everyone else?

Go build your winter war kit and stay healthy!

Don’t forget the zinc.

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