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When Safety Succeeds: Fall Protection

Washington State, May 2015 – A carpenter with 15 years of experience and his apprentice were removing plywood forms on top of a 24-foot retaining wall panel. They had been on the job for a month. The carpenter was using a 5-foot crowbar to pop off the plywood from the concrete when the bar sprung back with enough force to catapult him over the 24-foot wall. Thankfully, the fall protection system used by the employee stopped the potentially fatal fall. His fall protection system caught the carpenter just 2 feet over the wall, allowing him to self-rescue by easily hoisting himself back onto the wall.

The company in question usually provides fall protection to their employees, but the carpenter insisted on using his own when he was hired. In order to reduce any risk and liability, the company made sure to inspect the carpenter’s harness before he was allowed to use it on the wall.

Falls are the number one cause of work related fatalities in the country. Proper fall protection may seem like a hassle, but is is an essential component in ensuring employee safety. If you are in need of fall protection training, are having trouble acquiring fall protection, or are in need of consultation on the issue, feel free to contact The Integrated Group at 425-822-8500 or


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