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Valuing Safety Over Productivity

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The National Safety Council published a study last month after surveying over 2,000 workers from across the country. One of the key findings was that one-third of employees believe their employers prioritize productivity over worker safety. This sentiment was highest among construction workers with over 60% of those surveyed expressing their employer’s preference for timelines and efficiency. Furthermore, 62% of construction workers believe their employers only do the minimum required by law to protect their employees.

Every employee deserves a safe workplace… [this is] a stark reminder of how far we still have to go to ensure safety is every employer’s highest priority” – Deborah A.P. Hersman – National Safety Council President and CEO.

The study boils down to workers feeling as though their safety and well being are of minimum concern to their employers. While productivity is the driving force behind maintaining work schedules, projecting costs, and ultimately a business necessity, productivity and safety are not mutually exclusive. 70% of the surveyed employees said that safety training is a mandatory component of their join orientation, and their employer actively promotes health and well-being. In most cases, a safe environment is a productive environment. When workers feel safe and empowered, confidence and responsibility increase, allowing for a more effective team. Employers must be able to find a balance.

Communication between employers and employees is critical. Knowledge leads to safety, and without proper and effective communication employees are left in the dark. It is important to address all safety concerns and programs directly with your team, whether it is through daily safety talks, or monthly safety meetings.

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