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Updated OSHA Resources for Demolition Workers

Safety+Health Magazine – Prompted by the recent fatalities in New Jersey and Chicago where workers were killed by falling concrete, OSHA has made strides in updating their resources for the construction demolition industry, focusing on addressing hazards and potential life threatening incidences. Re-launching their demolition safety webpage, OSHA provides companies with hazard assessment tools, injury and illness mitigation measures, and information on the safety standards implemented by OSHA.

“Demolition workers face many hazards, and their lives should not be sacrificed because of deliberate neglect of demolition fundamentals… Employers must ensure that all workers involved in a demolition project are fully aware of hazards and safety precautions before work begins and as it progresses” – David Michaels, OSHA administrator

Most if not all work place injuries and fatalities can be prevented as long as proper due diligence and risk management is responsibly conducted. The simple failure to conduct an engineering survey was the most common OSHA construction demolition standard cited from 2009 to 2013. A company can never be too cautious or too prepared when it comes to workplace safety. The resources are readily available, and there are teams of safety consultants more than willing to provide guidance.

If you have any questions or concerns about potential hazards or on the best practices at a demolition site, contact OSHA directly at, or feel free to contact us at The Integrated Group at

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