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Updated OSHA Guide on Trenching

OSHA –¬†Earlier this year, OSHA published an updated guide on trenching and excavation with an additional section on the employer bidding process.

“Before preparing a bid, employers should know as much as possible about the jobsite… to perform the work safely and in compliance with OSHA standards” – OSHA – Trenching and Excavation Safety

The goal of this inclusion is to help employers make more accurate estimations of the costs associated with the job. Additionally, by accurately surveying the jobsite prior to the bid, employers can obtain a clearer picture of the potential risks. The advised factors to consider include:

  • Traffic
  • Proximity and physical condition of nearby structures
  • Soil classification
  • Surface and ground water; location of the water table
  • Overhead and underground utilities
  • Weather
  • Quantity of shoring and protective systems needed
  • Fall protection and other safety equipment

The updated guide also provides information on when employers must conduct site inspections, requirements for protective systems and PPE, and updated details on the means of egress employers must provide workers. You can read the full updated guide here.

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