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Trenching and Technology

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Technology has always played a dramatic role in construction and safety. As technology becomes more mobile, and the app industry continues to boom, the applications of mobile devices in the field seem endless. These programs can help create, promote and ensure a safer work environment.

Developed with support of the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, developers have released a new app for smartphones and tablets that aims to alleviate the stress and confusion related to excavation, trenching and shoring. The “Trench Right” app performs calculations assessing the safety of potential trenching sites. By imputing the dimensions, soil type and tons-per-square-foot reading, the app calculates the necessary information to determine the proper excavation, trenching and shoring procedures.

Workers now have access to quick and accurate information on the job site. While it is always smart to accompany the app’s calculations with calculations of your own, the app is a sign of the potential role technology will play in the construction industry.

The app is free to download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.


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