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Tragic Construction Site Fatality in Bonney Lake

A Puyallup family (mother, father and their infant son) were killed Monday when forms and large sections of jersey barrier suddenly collapsed and fell from the SR 410 overpass under renovation in Bonney Lake and crushed the truck.

Work started about a month ago and is being completed by the contractor WHH Nisqually, which had crews on scene when the accident occurred. The project called for tearing down part of the existing bridge to make way for a new sidewalk across the old bridge so it would be safer for bicyclists and pedestrian.

Police say the contractor was working on a small portion of the permanent bridge barrier when forms and large sections of jersey barrier suddenly collapsed and fell down. According to the Bonney Lake Public Works Director Dan Grigsby, crews were preparing to remove the outside wall of the overpass in order to replace it with an updated structure. The contractor’s demolition plan was reviewed and approved by the state, he said. He also said, “The type of work that was going on shouldn’t have resulted in anything falling”. Grigsby said it was not known Monday when project construction will continue. It originally was scheduled to end in May.

While the accident is currently under investigation by local authorities (as well as L&I) it is a sad reminder to all workers on any site to be vigilant about  work zone securement and public protection.

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