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Tractor Rollover

OSHA – Tragically, a 57-year old orchard laborer was fatally injured earlier this year when his tractor rolled over during a routine drive. According to OSHA’s investigation, the worker was operating a tractor that lacked both a seat belt and a rollover protective structure. He was towing a sprayer down a paved road at about 15 miles an hour when he drove off into the gravel shoulder. In an attempt to get back onto the road, he steered suddenly, over-correcting the direction of the tractor and causing it to overturn. Without a seat belt or a rollover protective structure in place, the worker was crushed.

While this incident seems isolated, it reflects the importance of proper handling and hazard awareness when operating machinery.

  • Always travel at safe speeds. Exceeding recommended limits increase the risk of losing control of the vehicle or machinery. If you are beginning to lose control, or you are starting to drift off the road, slow down to regain control or simply stop the vehicle. Never attempt sudden movements or drastic changes in speed. This will only increase the possibility of losing control.
  • Ensure the required safety equipment are in place and in working order before operating the machinery or vehicle. Conduct a pre-check before operation to make sure safety measures are installed correctly. If you discover any damage or lack of necessary safety equipment, notify your supervisor and do not use the machinery until the issues are resolved.

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