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Technology and Safety

“Leaders who ‘get’ what safety is about are best able to use that value to navigate the complexities and possibilities of our increasingly networked world”

Safety and Health Magazine – The current technological boom introduces new potential for developments in workplace safety. While the core technology might not change significantly, the opportunity for connectivity and integration through cloud-based systems creates a new stream of information. These developments present the possibility for deeper insights on performance and safety management in the field. Below are 3 main categorical trends in technology that would be worth keeping an eye on:

1) Occupational Illness – With wearable bio-metric sensors and new tracking programs, organizations will have the ability to monitor employee exposure to environmental hazards including air pollutants and excessive noise in real time. This can aid in rapid responses to deadly exposures or simply gauging changes in air quality.

2) The Actual Work – Employers now have the ability to connect workers to a constant flow of information. With technology such as tablets, self-driving cars, Google Glass and other wearable gadgets, workers have the potential to always be connected to a flow of information. With wearable and mobile devices, organizations can ensure workers have all the information they need to reduce error and increase efficiency. Grand technological changes are less likely. Disruptive technology can be revolutionary, and they have the potential to redefine how basic work is conducted. It is important to keep an eye on larger developments like this to keep your organization at the head of the game.

3) Safety – Technology allows for a seamless connection of project information and safety. As technology opens the door to greater efficiency and safety oversight, it opens another door to greater distractions. With cellphones and the constant flow of notifications, people are more distracted than ever. Employers and safety professionals need to develop processes to safely utilize new technology without creating more danger than necessary. Introducing a major distraction to an individual operating heavy machinery is not worth minute increases in performance. Organizations will need to  be able to discern the good from the bad, avoiding the lure of something shiny and new.

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