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Solar Eclipse Safety

Distractions cause accidents and injuries every day, and few distractions will be as epic as the “once in a lifetime” total solar eclipse this Monday, August 21st at 10:20 AM.

Even if you currently have no interest in the solar eclipse, you will be tempted to look. Everyone should be prepared to view the eclipse, even if you’re “sneaking a peek”, for your own safety and for the safety of others around you.

So, please use the following safety tips:

¤ Discuss a plan with your Supervisor and co-workers for safe viewing of the eclipse. Select the time and designate safe locations for viewing.
¤ It will get dark much like dusk or even night conditions during the eclipse. Plan to provide light accordingly.
¤ If you are in the middle of a task, stop and secure your work area including any equipment and any tools being used.
¤ Stop your task with enough time to safely proceed to a location and prepare to view the eclipse safely.
¤ Make sure you use certified viewing glasses designated as ISO 12312-2 and have them readily available beforehand. Do not use sunglasses, even very dark ones.
¤ Put on your viewing glasses before looking up. If you don’t have certified glasses, do not attempt to look.
¤ Follow the viewing chart below, enjoy this once in a life time experience and be safe!

Image via NASA


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