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No, not those kinds.

San Bernardino. Orlando. Vegas. Sutherland.

Active shooters and how to prepare for them has been on a lot of people’s minds lately. Even job sites are not immune to attacks, as proven by an incident in early October where a fired worker went onto a job site and fatally shot a foreman then turned the gun on himself.

While there is no foolproof way to predict a person’s behavior or mental state, there are ways to prepare employees and hopefully, reduce the amount injured. Train, train, train.

What to do if there’s an active shooter?

It seems obvious that the number one option is to run. Do it intelligently.

  • Know the best escape routes in your workplace
  • Evacuate – don’t stop to grab belongings, your wallet won’t matter if you’re dead
  • Help others escape if possible and prevent others from entering where the shooter is
  • Follow whatever instructions the police give you
  • Call 911 when safe
    • Information to provide: specific location of shooter, number of shooters, physical description, how many weapons, number of potential victims

If you can’t evacuate, practice the art of invisibility.

  • Hiding spot should be out of the shooter’s view
  • Provide protection if shot at (closed/locked door)
  • Prevent the shooter from entering by locking or blocking the entrance
  • Silence your phone, turn off any source of noise, hide behind large items and remain quiet

ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT – if in close range and you can’t flee.

  • Be as aggressive as possible – throw items, improvise weapons, yell, commit to your actions

When Police Arrive
Help, don’t hinder.

  • Put down anything in your hands and keep them visible
  • Follow instructions
  • Avoid quick movements
  • Do not stop and chat, just evacuate

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