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Safety Reminder: Scaffolding

Safety + Health Magazine –¬†As winter fades, the increasingly good weather indicates the beginning of the prime construction season. From home improvement to commercial construction, everyone is expected¬†to ramp up their work load. Scaffolding is an essential aspect of many projects, providing a component of the necessary fall protection for workers. With new work on the horizon, take the opportunity to review the safety measures regarding proper scaffold set up and use.

When constructing your scaffolding:

  • Always use level and rigid footings.
  • Make sure the equipment is securely fitted and braced to help prevent swaying.
  • Ensure the connections are securely fastened.
  • Plumb and level the scaffold as you go.
  • Avoid mixing scaffolding components from different manufacturers unless certain it can be done safely.
  • Install toeboards on railed sides to prevent objects from falling off.
  • Avoid constructing scaffolding close to live power lines.

When working on the scaffolding:

  • A competent person should inspect the scaffold before every shift. Never use an unsafe scaffold until repairs are made. Red tags indicate safety issues on the scaffolding.
  • Never overload a scaffold beyond the maximum load capacity.
  • Never use buckets, blocks or ladders to increase the working height on the platform.
  • Do not work on a scaffold if it is snowy, icy, slippery or stormy.
  • Always use proper and appropriate fall protection.

If you have any questions regarding scaffolding or fall protection, please contact The Integrated Group for information. You can reach us at 425-822-8500 or

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