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Safety Committees: Tips for Success


Safety and Health – Safety committees are a staple in every organization’s safety program. They allow for the generation of new ideas, discussions on the current state of the safety program, and help address employee concerns. Although starting a safety committee is relatively easy, maintaining an effective and efficient committee can be a challenge. Participation and active, insightful discussions can become rare, and most managers fear the safety committee’s purpose dissolving into a space for employee complaints on the inadequacies of the current programs. Below are some helpful tips to ensure a successful and productive safety committee.

  • Involve a variety of employees from different departments in the company.
  • Management should participate regularly and demonstrate commitment to the safety committee.
  • Remain open to opposing views, acknowledging and accepting differences as they come up.
  • Generate an atmosphere of respect and trust. It is important for workers to know they can bring up issues without retaliation or harassment.
  • Recognize safety achievements. A safety committee that focuses on the negatives and never the positives repels participation and honest communication.
  • Be prepared with tools, training, resources, and other forms of support.
  • Follow through with your commitments.

Follow through is perhaps the most important tip for maintaining a healthy safety committee. If workers feel as though their input is tossed aside after the committee meetings, they have little reason to participate or bring up serious issues. When employees can see their comments put into action, their trust in the committee and in management increases, further promoting active participation in future meetings. The more participation and involvement in the safety programs, the more committed employees are to the upkeep of a safe working environment.

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