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OSHA’s Regulatory Agenda For 2016

Safety+Health Magazine – As 2016 rolls in, there are several OSHA developments to expect. This regulatory agenda is not binding, and OSHA usually deviates from the plan as new information flows into the agency or when the political climate changes. An updated silica rule has been a priority for OSHA over the past few years, so expect a ruling on the issue before November when President Obama leaves office.

Here are key items on OSHA’s regulatory agenda to keep an eye on in 2016:

  • Revision of procedures OSHA follows to obtain employee medical information
  • Improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Eye and face protection
  • Slips, trips and falls

OSHA further announced that it is seeking comments on potentially updating three older standards: Lockout/Tagout, Mechanical Power Presses, and Powered Industrial Trucks. They are also scheduling time for feedback on developing new rules for currently unregulated hazards including tree care operations and the organic solvent 1-bromopropane.

The Integrated Group team will stay up to date on all OSHA developments throughout 2016 and we will inform you of any and all regulatory changes.

For the OSHA’s full agenda for 2016 visit their website here.

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