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Improving Your Company’s Productivity By Using A Stay At Work Program

Improving Your Company’s Productivity By Using A Stay At Work Program

Recently The Complete Stay at Work Guide for Employers seems to gather a lot of attention from employers who are just starting to realize just how many benefits there are in using one such program for their business. As the name implies, this program is a proactive way for helping sick or possibly injured employees get back to work as soon as they can so that the negative effects on sales and production are minimized.

While they are mainly promoted by federal agencies and the government, these programs are based on a unique philosophy that says working is healthy for the body. Simply put, it’s possible for injured employees to work in a safe environment and still perform their daily activities. Getting back to work is thus seen as being a very important part of the recovery process.

“Life is being on the wire, everything else is just waiting. — Karl Wallenda

Why Your Company Needs A Stay At Work Guide For Employers

Probably one of the greatest benefits of using one such program is that it’s an essential tool in dealing with worker’s compensation plan. In fact, the longer your experienced and trained employees aren’t working, the more money you’ll need to pay towards worker’s compensation and these costs can get pretty high, pretty quickly.

The good news is that you can now reduce absences, minimize turnover, eliminate medically unnecessary lost time and overall greatly reduce the costs of worker’s compensation by using a Stay At Work Program. So if one or more of your workers get injured, then they can take advantage of the rehabilitation services offered by these programs, including knowledge, skill development, vocational counseling, assessment and also planning.

Advantages For Employers

There are many advantages for an employer to use a Return to Work program and some of them are included below:

1. They can in some cases greatly speed up the healing process, saving your company a lot of money that would otherwise go towards medical expenses.

2. Your employees can still be productive, even if they cannot perform at full capacity.

3. Reduce the chances of fraudulent claims.

4. Save money on indemnity in disability payments.

Advantages For Employees

As an employee, a return at work program gives you many advantages, including:

1. Encourages a faster recovery.

2. Allowing you to still be in close contact with your work colleagues which improves your relationships with other employees and your friends.

3. Greatly minimizes the financial impact of being unable to work.

4. Increases your self esteem, making you trust your skills a lot more.


It’s easy to realize that a stay at work program is going to be beneficial to both employees and employers and this is because each of them can take advantage of its benefits. While the employer manages to greatly reduce his workers’ compensation costs and retain the value of his workforce, as an employee you can avoid or reduce the negative consequences and effects of prolonged absence since you can get back to work as soon as you’re capable of performing your daily tasks. However, when things get complicated, the company can just consider using a Fleet and Material Management program which is beneficial for both sides, not just for the employer.

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