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Get Your Grill On

Fireworks look even better when not staring at a smartphone.

As we head into this beautiful 4th of July weekend, here are some concerns to keep in mind:

🎉 Fireworks 

  • Keep away from small children – they don’t mix well with explosives
  • Have water nearby – fire is allergic to it
  • Treat them like a gun – don’t point them at others and don’t throw them

🚓 Driving

  • Thousands of people are out and about this weekend – drive safely
  • Don’t mix this with the one below – Ubers are less expensive than a crash
  • Don’t drive distracted – includes phones, yelling kids, air guitar solos

🍺 Drinking

  • Fun fact – you can get a DUI driving a boat
  • Leads to dehydration – sneak some water into your lineup
  • Do not drink and drive – stop being cheap, there are TONS of ways to get home

🍔 Grilling

  • If you’re grilling this weekend, please send some to our offices
  • Preferably a cheeseburger, or a nice steak
  • Maybe some side vegetables
  • Please & thank you

On a serious note, our offices are closed on Tuesday, July 4th. Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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