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False Statements


On August 6th, a steel and roofing contractor from Alabama was charged with three years of supervised probation and 30 hours of community service after he gave false statements to OSHA inspections following the injury of three employees.

The man was supervising a team of five men on a roofing project when a severe thunderstorm rolled in. Due to the lack of fall protection, and a failure to leave the roof quickly before the storm, three of the five men sustained serious injuries. One man was thrown against the edge of an unsecured metal sheet, amputating his arm, while another worker was blown off the roof and fell 30 feet to the ground, breaking several bones. The third individual flew across the roof, slamming into the ground and injuring his shoulder.

“The injuries sustained by the three employees could have been avoided if [he] had fulfilled his responsibility to ensure a safe working environment and provide the necessary protection to his workers”

During OSHA investigations, the supervisor stated that all employees were tied off and given fall protection. However it was later determined that he failed to obtain fall protection for the project until after the incident. He later pleaded guilty to all charges.


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