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Employee Engagement: Creating A Culture of Safety


Professional Safety Magazine – 

Dodge Data and Analytics, in partnership with 14 other supporting organizations, just published a study examining the affects of safety management practices. Titled “Building a Safety Culture: Improving Safety and Health Management in the Construction Industry,” the study surveyed 256 U.S. contractors and identified the characteristics of high-performing safety programs. Ultimately, the data demonstrated that investments in safety programs lead to improved project quality, increased project return on investment, improved staff retention, and a greater ability to attract new employees.

“The findings make a strong case for companies to actively nurture a strong safety culture at their organization” – Stephen Jones of Dodge Data and Analytics.

The study also reported that the companies with the highest-performing safety programs had the most worker involvement. These companies aim to create a company culture of safety. A more involved workforce is more invested and mindful of safety related issues, and they are more likely to act when they see unsafe or hazardous behavior. Safety programs that ignore employee input and cooperation promote complacency.

“Job-site worker involvement underscores our need to make safety value-driven and personal. When workers are made a part of the process and are provided the tools and training they need to succeed, safety becomes recognized as the one things that sets them, and the company they work for, apart from others. It’s what makes them world-class.”

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