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Driver Responsibility

Despite our attempts to mitigate risk, work related accidents still occur, especially when driving on the road. Your reaction to an accident can define how a claim is managed and can influence the severity of potential litigation. Therefore it is crucial to have a reaction plan in mind in case an accident occurs. Below is a brief guide on driver responsibilities to help alleviate some of the stress and confusion after an incident.

Be Calm, Aware, and Look Out For Others

  • Stop immediately. Remain calm and courteous.
  • Secure the scene and set out warning devices and emergency flashers.
  • Watch for fuel leaks and spills.
  • Do not move vehicle unless it presents a hazard to others or when directed by investigating officer
  • Determine if you or anyone else needs medical attention.
  • Never move an injured person unless they are in danger of fire or imminent hazard.

Call it In

  • Contact the police, emergency services, and your company representative.
  • Be ready with information about the accident.

Gather Information

  • Exchange insurance, vehicle information, and driver information.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene only if it is safe to do so. Always take too many pictures rather than too few.
  • Complete the accident report form and record relevant details.

Smart, Concise Statements

  • Make no admission of fault and do not discuss blame.
  • Do not sign anything or make any statements other than to police, company officials or company insurance representatives.
  • Do not talk about what you think happened to other drivers.

Most importantly, remember to remain calm, secure the scene, collect information, and call the accident in. Everything can be worked out smoothly and efficiently with proper care and responsibility.

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