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Crane Safety: A Fatality in Boston

Boston – On September 5th, a construction worker was tragically killed while aboard a crane that was being disassembled. The cause of death remains unclear, but initial reports from the OSHA investigation note that it does not appear to have resulted from a fall. This is the second incident to occur in an area that is booming with new construction. Last month, another construction worker was injured after falling from scaffolding.

Effective and thorough crane safety training is essential prior to working with or around cranes. From falls to the devastating collapse of the crane, there are several risks involved with the general operation of a crane that need to be addressed. In 2008, New York City had two crane collapses resulting in three deaths and causing millions in property damage. In February of this year, also in New York City, an operator was lowering the boom of the crawler crane during high winds when the crane collapsed, killing one and injuring three. You can read The Integrated Group’s report on the February collapse here.

All operators must have a current and valid certification card before any work can be conducted. Furthermore, employees working on or around the crane must be made aware of the safety hazards and trained in mitigating the risks involved. For information on the safety standards and regulations specific to cranes, you can visit OSHA’s website here.  As always, The Integrated Group offers consultation in regulatory compliance including training and certification in proper crane operation.

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Our hearts and prayers are with the victim’s family, friends, and colleagues.

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